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Using real-world testing to empower places, people, and businesses
Society has no shortage of innovative ideas or technologies to solve problems. The challenge is knowing whether these solutions can unlock the best outcomes for people and places.
Energy-efficient homes are an economic must
With a danger of blackouts this winter amid soaring energy prices and great hardship for swathes of the population, well-insulated properties could drive down the nationwide demand for energy and household bills. Dr. Rhian-Mari Thomas OBE, Chief Executive of the Green Finance Institute, reflects on how improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock is vital for a successful transition to a net-zero economy.
Empowering residents with data-driven solutions to combat cold and damp housing
Cold and damp homes have been proven to have damaging impacts on physical and mental health, especially for the most vulnerable groups in society.
Rising to the challenge of housing retrofit
While household energy prices go through the roof, the UK is also seeking to reduce carbon emissions and level up the economy. The case for thermally efficient, low-energy homes has never been stronger, writes Bernadette Ballantyne, nor has demand.
Removing planning silos to create new markets
____Nationally, the UK may have committed to hitting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But achieving this within a fragmented and often slow planning system is a daunting task. So how can innovation help?
The future of 21st century housing
___The world we live in is changing fast but the houses we live in are not — most are designed for an environment and a society now past. So as the climate gets warmer and the population older, Jim McClelland explores what the future of housing in the 21st century looks like.
Connected Places Magazine – Issue 2
Discover how innovation is shaping the Century of Cities, learn more about the future of housing in the UK, and get up to speed with the growing market for connected logistics.

Digital innovation for healthy ageing: social isolation and loneliness in Northern Ireland
A number of Northern Ireland institutions and organisations joined forces in 2021 to take a multisectoral approach to address social isolation and loneliness as part of Connected Places Catapult’s Homes for Healthy Ageing programme.