Speeding up adoption of new,
disruptive products & services

An Accelerator is a challenge led, fixed-term programme, that follows a structured framework to accelerate disruptive products to market.
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Driving innovation for UK SMEs
New services
launched in 2 years
Funding secured
to help SMEs take services to market
assets classes
provide funding for Net Zero across all sectors

Accelerate & de-risk innovation

Our programmes de-risks innovation for our partners alongside support SMEs in developing commercial partnerships and sustainable growth plans

  • Market Research and Analysis to validate and support innovation strategy
  • Solve commercial challenges faster and cheaper through live trials and demonstrations
  • Industry stakeholders part of selection and due diligence process
  • Create disruptive products and services through SME partnerships
  • Understanding market trends, disruptive technologies and relevant industry verticals
  • Accelerate the timeframe to implementation
  • De-risk innovation by gaining a thorough understanding of SME proposition and ability to select the right team for collaboration
  • Equip corporate organisations with technologies that sets them apart from their competitors

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