Through our wellbeing domain, we explore opportunities for applied innovation in the place-based services and systems which enable human flourishing – from health, social care and community services to wider environmental factors. It is now widely understood that our environment and daily lived experiences affect both mental and physical health. The experience of the pandemic has significantly amplified this awareness, driving renewed appetite for innovation in the provision of previously undervalued assets and services.

At Connected Places Catapult, we are particularly interested in market opportunities related to sensors which monitor environmental conditions like air quality or biodiversity, technologies which improve the accessibility of spaces and services to people of all abilities, and the application of cutting-edge neuroscience to the design of places and spaces in order to boost productivity, inclusivity and mental health. Discover more about these opportunities and more in the links below.

To scale success for our Wellbeing projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Wellbeing network includes:

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