Accelerating air mobility

How drones and vertical taxis are revolutionising flight. Quicker journeys to more places. Safer and cheaper logistics.
Future of Air Mobility Accelerator Application Support Webinar
Connected Places Catapult will be hosting an application support webinar for our Future of Air Mobility accelerator to share information and answer any questions applicants may have.
Future of Air Mobility Accelerator 2022
Connected Places Catapult is seeking SMEs with innovative solutions to join a 6-month accelerator programme for the aviation industry.
Accelerating the Future of Air Mobility
Over the past six months, Connected Places Catapult, in partnership with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Flight Challenge, embarked on a journey to select and fund 11 SMEs to trial and test their solutions in areas of data driven aviation, smart airports and advanced air mobility. 
Third age of Flight Prepares for Take-Off
Since the dawn of the jet engine, our experience of flight has remained almost unchanged. Now, however, we stand on the cusp of a third revolution in aviation. Ben Griffiths, a leading UK commentator on aviation, industry and technology, and a pilot himself, casts an eye to the future.
Our New Magazine – Connected Places
How is digital twin technology changing how we think about everything from cities to railway stations? How will the third age of flight change our skies and the airports of the future? And how are UK cities thinking out of the box to fund net zero investment?
Cohort and partners announced for the Future of Air Mobility Accelerator programme  
Today we are excited to announce the 11 SMEs selected to join our first cohort of the Future of Air Mobility Accelerator programme.  In partnership with UK Research and Innovation’s Future Flight Challenge, the five-month programme is focused on scaling disruptive technologies in areas of Data Driven Aviation, Smart Airports and Advanced Air Mobility.  Alongside access to funding for live trials and demonstrations the SMEs will receive support from a consortium […]
How are drones helping housing inspections?
In a market the size of the housing sector, the spend on repairs and maintenance is big. Surveying and fixing property costs time and money, both of which are often in short supply. So, can the use of drones prove safer, faster and cheaper for building inspection?
Yorkshire Housing to trial building inspection with drone technology
Connected Places Catapult has brought together Yorkshire Housing and Vantage UAV as part of the Government Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme. The programme is sponsored by the Department for Transport (DfT), and supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and ARPAS-UK, the drone industry association. Together we aim to accelerate the safe adoption […]
A new framework for the future of air traffic in the UK
By 2026, the is forecast to have more than doubled since the start of the decade. In fact, the number of unmanned flights will likely far exceed the figures for manned aviation. So, how can the UK make the most of this growth, whilst at the same time managing to integrate all forms of traffic and keep its airspace safe?
Winners announced for the Drones Transport Research and Innovation Grants Programme
Connected Places Catapult is delighted to announce six new research and innovation projects through the 2021 Drones Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG: Drones) programme. The Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG) Programme has been running for a number of years, but this is the first year that the Department for Transport (DfT) has invested […]
The UK Government Drones Pathfinder Programme announces the addition of a new Pathfinder project
Airspace Integration of Drones in support of COVID response Pathfinder aims to deliver an operating environment where all airspace users are detected, and their locations presented back to other drone operators. This will enable drones to safely “detect and avoid” other drones and air users. The project will be delivered by Trax International in partnership with […]
Drone-Technology Research and Innovation Grants Programme launched
The Connected Places Catapult is proud to be delivering the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Drone-Technology Research and Innovation Grants ( D-TRIG ) Programme. D-TRIG will award grants of £30k to enable up to six SMEs to undertake early-stage research and development studies to explore how to integrate drones into UK airspace. The D-TRIG programme will […]
The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Authentication System consortium announced
Connected Places Catapult partners with IoT security start-up, ANGOKA partners and Cranfield University to protect drone communications in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Authentication System (UASAS) project. Connected Places Catapult has partnered with ANGOKA Ltd, a Belfast cybersecurity start-up and Cranfield University in an exciting project to support and protect the future of drones and unmanned […]
Test Flights Explore How New Technology Could Be Used in Future of Search And Rescue
More technology which could drive the next generation of search and rescue for Her Majesty’s Coastguard is being tested. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is leading work with the Civil Aviation Authority on how remotely piloted aircraft technology can be used in the demanding environment of search and rescue. HM Coastguard is the search and rescue service of the […]
UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) to detect marine ingress near nuclear power stations Pathfinder
This Pathfinder project aims to use UAS for the early detection of marine ingress events near coastal nuclear power stations to adjust water cooling mechanisms and protect both electricity generation and the environment. This is an extension of previous programmes with the use of drones. Previous pathfinders include our Infrastructure Inspection programme, and following on […]
Enabling Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management in the UK Report
A new report from Connected Places Catapult’s explores the steps the UK has taken to be at the forefront of commercial drone development and identifies the steps yet to be taken in order to remain in the global race towards unmanned traffic management. There is a huge global opportunity for countries that can successfully accommodate […]
The UK Drones Pathfinder Programme announces a new Pathfinder led by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency
A ground-breaking new project announced today (12th May) will allow the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) to regularly and routinely use drones, to carry out its time critical, reactive search and rescue, and international counter pollution obligations. The MCA Drone Demonstration and Development Pathfinder aims to explore and develop the safe use of drones Beyond Visual […]
UK Start-up joins Government Drone Programme
The UK Drones Pathfinder Programme is pleased to announce the addition of a new Pathfinder led by, a UK start-up that enables drone service providers to remotely operate drones on industrial sites from a central control room to gather aerial data at scale. The UK Drones Pathfinder programme is sponsored by the Department for Transport […]
New report points way to shared airspace between drones and traditional aircraft
Our new report lays the groundwork for an Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) System to allow commercial drone usage in the UK alongside traditional manned aircraft. The report is a result of a year-long Department for Transport sponsored project, working alongside NATS, Altitude Angel, ANRA Technologies, Cranfield University, the Satellite Applications Catapult and Thales UK. It includes […]