SME Masterclasses

What is it?

Our Masterclasses offer SMEs the chance to address key skills gaps which may be holding them back from growing and reaching their full potential. We collaborate with experts to deliver masterclasses to upskill and commercialise businesses, including IP & Law, Pitching, Investment and more.

What’s in it for you?

Having a great idea is not the same as having the knowledge to run a business. Start-ups and SMEs often stumble when they move from developing a technical solution to business problems like navigating complex procurement processes, recruiting new staff or marketing their product.

Our Masterclasses are designed to address challenges like these in a friendly environment with like-minded businesses in similar stages of development.

What to expect

As part of your Business Needs Analysis we’ll assess which of our upcoming Masterclasses may be appropriate for you.

Masterclasses take the form of a one-day interactive workshops with a group of SMEs, delivered with a relevant industry partner. Think of them as a chance to work on a particular aspect of your business with a critical friend!

Why work with the CPC

Our experienced team of experts has worked with hundreds of SMEs in the transport and urban innovation sectors to grow their businesses and help them take their innovations from ideas to commercial success. We also have a team of in-house technical experts who can help progress your solution and an extensive network of business, academic and governmental contacts.

As a neutral organisation tasked by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Innovate UK with growing UK Plc, you can trust us to support your business goals and protect your IP.

How to get involved

Your first step is to register your business with us. We ask for some basic information about your company and nature of your innovation to help us ascertain whether we are capable of supporting you and to help us keep you informed about relevant opportunities and activities.

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