Public Space

Although the very definition of ‘public space’ is constantly evolving, this domain covers green spaces, streets, town centres and other shared, inclusive public places. Whereas historically ‘public space’ tended to largely mean streets, squares and parks, it could now be considered to include transport hubs and shared (non-branded) retail space in shopping centres.

The ‘private-public spaces’ in particular are growing rapidly within our cities. The use of those private-public spaces is controlled not by local or central governments, but rather by private companies and individuals. The privately owned public spaces include the very popular Paternoster Square in the City of London and Liverpool One, one of the Europe’s leading retail and leisure destinations set in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.

There are numerous innovation market opportunities in the Public Space domain. The innovative ways of thinking are sought after in protecting and improving the green infrastructure to boost our Wellbeing and help achieve the UK’s Net Zero goals. New data technology is needed to enable smart, safe shared access to public space. Active travel solutions, innovative low-carbon e-cargo bikes, delivery robots and drones are just some of the Intelligent Mobility opportunities for public spaces.

To scale success for our Public Space projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Public Space network includes:



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