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Business Fellows Network


The Connected Places Catapult Business Fellows Network is a network of experts joint funded by the Connected Places Catapult and participating academic institutions with strong records in transport research and innovation across the UK.

The aim is to bring university outputs closer to commercialisation and enable academics to increase their industry engagement, entrepreneurship and research impact as well as creating commercial and CR&D opportunities between the Connected Places Catapult, universities and industry.

Meets our Business Fellows

Fellows have joined from 11 academic institutes including the Universities of Lancaster, Leeds, Nottingham, Surrey, Liverpool, Northampton, Hertfordshire and Kent, Manchester Metropolitan, Cranfield and Newcastle universities.

You can learn more about these fellows in the following biographies. Alternatively you can download our brochure here or contact Julia Brady for more information.

Academic Alliance Fellows

Academic Alliance Fellows are representatives from universities with whom we have a Deep Academic Alliance