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City Academy


The City Academy is designed to help clients and cities find the right ideas and technologies to carve their place in the growing Connected Places market.

With so many competing visions for the future, it can be difficult for cities and companies to decide which smart city strategy is the right one to design and implement. We help investigate new ideas, innovations and technologies, as well as helping better understand uncertainties across the smart city sector. Areas we have unique expert knowledge in range from transport and clean air to resilience.

What do we offer?

The City Academy is a four-part process to:

  • Define the client’s strategic priorities
  • Develop impactful uses for new technology, processes, or ideas
  • Create a roadmap with an initial action plan and
  • Build a pipeline of suppliers (for cities) or buyers (for companies)


Outputs (Deliverables)  
  • Running a City Academy workshop; a 2-day boot camp for city, business leaders and stakeholders who need help navigating the confusing smart city marketplace, and to define the specific challenge you are seeking to address.    
  • A clearly defined and prioritised list of your smart city initiatives; and   
  • A benchmark report against proven critical indicators   
  • An in-depth look at the most applicable global best practices that relate to your city or company  
  • Identification of challenges and opportunities to build your smart city strategy.  
  • Breaks down company or city ‘silos’ between departments to create an interoperable smart city strategy  
  • Helps cities ‘define the question’ to build smart solutions.  
  • Development of Innovation Use Cases providing a series of case studies to illustrate a vision for the future of your city where business or city priorities meet citizen needs.    
  • An initial three solution cases to your top priorities to give you the details you need in order to get started.  
  • To identify citizen needs with user research.  
  • To understand how citizens interact with existing products and services.
  • Solution cases provide examples for areas of ‘smart city’ focus arising from the City Academy.  
  • Aids in understanding user requirements.  
  • Creation of a Roadmap providing a high-level report that is the beginning of your comprehensive smart strategy.  
  • A roadmap report that details your smart city journey  
  • To provide a high-level economic analysis, policy and regulatory recommendations and city strategies.  
  • To develop internal metrics and a business case.  
  • Provides a baseline assessment and roadmap outline, on which to build a full ‘smart city’ strategy.  
  • Helps build your business case for internal resources.  
  • Presents market-sizing reports on the areas of your needed solutions.  
  • Run an open call Supplier Challenge to help move your initial City Academy plans into action, by challenging suppliers in the smart city space to create solutions for your opportunities and challenges. 
  • An open call for solutions to your specific challenges   
  • To establish a pipeline of suppliers that are most appropriate for your city solutions.  
  • To identify opportunities that better define the specific areas where innovations can add value.  
  • Provides a target list of prospective SME and corporate partners.  
  • Begins to build your smart city solutions.  
  • Showcases what is possible in the supplier market.   
  • Provides solution-oriented risk/return investment plans from suppliers  



Case study: Developing a smart city road map in India

Connected Places Catapult worked with the West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) and New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) in India to develop a smart city road map for New Town Kolkata. We ran a workshop to help city officials understand New Town Kolkata’s future city needs and how smart initiatives can support citizens, businesses and the township itself.



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