Data in the Housing Retrofit Sector

To achieve net-zero by 2050, the UK needs to reduce carbon emissions from the housing stock to zero which requires reducing energy demand to the maximum possible and decarbonising what remains. To meet this target the UK must retrofit 27 million existing homes to a very high standard of energy efficiency over the coming decades. Technologies exist to deliver these retrofits but are not being deployed with the necessary speed and scale. One of these focuses for the future is Data in the Housing Retrofit sector.

Connected Places Catapult’s “Retrofit Towards a Sector-Wide Roadmap 2020” report published earlier this year identified four ideas put forward by industry stakeholders which could help both buyers and suppliers scale deep retrofit solutions:

  • A National Housing Stock Database
  • Replicable, integrated interventions – the ‘Retrofit Kit’
  • Mass customisation
  • A platform for retrofit finance

Industry stakeholders share a common voice that a lack of detailed information about the UK housing stock is a barrier to developing and applying retrofit solutions. We need accurate information on all properties: building type, construction, history, and performance together with building modelling it would allow rapid selection and testing of retrofit strategies, and an estimate of costs and benefits. It would help buyers find the best approach for their specific property and would help suppliers decide where to focus their efforts to develop new components and solutions

The first idea explores harnessing and applying existing data into housing modelling tools which could accurately assign a property by type and condition enabling different retrofit strategies to be assessed. Data could help build a better understanding of the existing UK housing stock which could contribute towards improving the efficiency and productivity of the retrofit process.

Building on this idea and through a combination of user research, industry collaboration and data analysis CPC will further explore the data landscape and identify the related challenges faced by the retrofit industry to help set out the actions required to address the data challenges that could help make the case for action.

Would you like to contribute to our research?

Connected Places Catapult will be collaborating with industry stakeholders to further explore the data challenges and opportunities in housing. To contribute to our research and collaboration activities please email

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