Connected Places Podcast Episode 23: Technology Cycles and Cybersecure Places with Dr. Alison Vincent

Cycles of technologies and innovations have been connecting and shaping the places where we live and work for centuries – from aqueduct and sewerage systems through to the advent of the motor vehicle, railways and the skyscraper. But the digital age has accelerated the pace of change more than any other, and it has not only brought with it a slew of new technologies, but also a profound and complex set of risks and dilemmas that governments, businesses and citizens are having to navigate.

In episode 18, “Connected and Secure Places: A Conversation with Matt Warman MP” we discussed the secure and connected places of tomorrow with the UK Government’s Minister for Digital Infrastructure. In this episode we ask how the next cycle of new technologies are shaping these places, and what place leaders, businesses and individuals need to do to be ahead of the curve. What will 5G connectivity bring to our towns and cities, and at a time of rising mistrust in public institutions and even wild conspiracy theories, how do place leaders bring citizens with them on a journey of change? How do we ensure that our national digital infrastructure is safe and secure, and where is the balance between protecting civil liberties such as the right to privacy, and creating new data ecosystems that enable ground-breaking innovation?

In this episode, Prof. Greg Clark CBE, Chair of the Connected Places Catapult speaks to Dr. Alison Vincent, a technical thought leader in the field of technology, innovation and global business. Throughout her 30 year career Alison has held senior positions at Cisco, HSBC, IBM and Micro Focus. Among many of her hats, she’s a Member of the Court of the University of Southampton, an Ambassador for Women In Science and Engineering (WISE), a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a Non Exec Director on the Board of the Connected Places Catapult. Alison’s experience and expertise covers cybersecurity, digital strategy, research and development, product management and mergers and acquisitions. She holds a PhD in Cryptography from London University. 

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