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Net Zero Places Innovation Brief

Achieving UK and global targets for net zero will be the defining challenge of the next three decades and a central driver of innovation and change across all sectors. With transport and the built environment sectors contributing the majority of UK emissions, we are prioritising innovations that tackle carbon in the ways we travel and manage buildings. 

Building a Better Plan for a Net-Zero Transition

Across the globe, local and city governments are declaring climate emergencies and planning a transition to net-zero. Getting reliable data on carbon emissions is complicated, local governments are overwhelmed with technological solutions, and it is hard to plot a route to the end goal.

We Have Declared a Climate Crisis and Set a Date for Net-Zero. Now What?

Political commitment to tackling climate change is essential, but it is not enough. Imagine you are part of the leadership team in a city that has declared a climate emergency and committed to net-zero. Announcing the emergency was the easy step. Now you must translate that into action.

The potential for innovative financing to drive sustainability in the UK built environment sector

Traditional funding sources have proved insufficient to meet our growing housing demand. As a result, innovative financing models and tools are emerging as increasingly effective ways of supporting sustainable new build and retrofitting projects. 

Connected Places Podcast Episode 21: Net Zero Energy and the Future of Active Travel with Lucy Yu

If the UK is going to hit its net zero targets by 2050 we need to decarbonise across every sector of the economy. We’ve made good progress on decarbonising the power sector in the UK, but more needs to be done to mainstream renewables such as wind and solar.

Transition to Zero-Emission Transport – A Pathway for Long-Haul Heavy Goods Vehicles

Connected Places Catapult has been working alongside the Department for Transport to investigate the options for decarbonising transport and in particular long-haul HGVs. The report below provides a summary of our findings, and presents a pathway for moving the UK toward zero-emission road freight.

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