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Connected Places Catapult opens office in Leeds

The Connected Places Catapult, the new organisation formed from the Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapults, has opened an office at the University of Leeds new Nexus Hub.

The Catapult specialises in bringing together businesses, universities, Local Authorities and investors to commercialise and exploit innovation for the good of people living in the UK.

The Connected Places Catapult will help the North west and Yorkshire regions access a £1.5 trillion global market opportunity to develop smart cities and transport technologies, such as self-driving cars. The region’s world leading tech businesses and Local Authorities will also benefit from links to the Catapult’s London, Milton Keynes and Glasgow offices.

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Systems-thinking and housing

As part of our Future of Housing blog series, Ken Gibb, Director of UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE), seeks to apply systems-thinking and, in particular, complexity theory to the housing system and to ideas and innovations that seek to transform housing for social, economic and environmental reasons.

16 May 2019

Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future

The multi-organisational team behind the £5.5 million FLOURISH connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) project is today celebrating the completion of three years of collaborative research and development with the launch of its latest findings.

13 May 2019

Housebuilders and barriers to modern construction methods

London’s largest housing associations have committed to building as many as 180,000 homes nationwide by 2025. In this Future of Housing guest blog, Charles Glover-Short, Corporate Research at Optivo Housing, explains how modern methods of construction can help meet this target, highlights what the methods are and why the industry should be pressing for their implementation more widely.

07 May 2019

It’s time to build homes fit for ageing generations now

We are living longer than ever, but many of us are not getting the most out of these extra years. While, for some people, later years are a time of prosperity and good health, a significant proportion of people are coping with multiple health and mobility problems. In this article, as part of our Future of Housing guest blog series, Dr Rachael Docking, Senior Programme Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better, highlights the need to build new, and retrofit existing, homes for the ageing population.

29 April 2019

Future-proofing our train stations

Train stations are more than transit spaces. Benefiting from prime locations at the heart of our urban centres, they attract millions of people each day and have become city landmarks. These terminals hold great significance in our lives but it’s clear UK railway stations can benefit from significant digital transformation. Here we explore some of the ways that can be achieved.

24 April 2019

Understanding local housing markets

The national housing debate is being over-simplified, leading to policy and funding decisions that may not best address issues faced by many areas. In this guest blog as part of our Future of Housing series, Neal Hudson, Director of Residential Analysts Ltd, says technology and data can offer local authorities a better understanding of the complexities in their local housing markets, helping them make decisions that deliver better outcomes for housing.

23 April 2019

April's PlanTech Show & Tell Breakfast: A bebrief

In April, we held the first in a series of Show & Tell breakfast sessions in the run-up to PlanTech Week later this year. During the event, we heard from four speakers; Emma Parnell from We are Snook, the GLA’s Peter Kemp, Jack Ricketts from Unboxed, and mySociety’s Mike Thompson. Find out more about the insights shared on the day in our blog round-up.

18 April 2019

Transforming housing construction

The UK Government has an aim to increase home building from the current levels of just over 200,000 to 300,000 per year. In this week’s guest blog in our Future of Housing series, Mike Pitts, Deputy Challenge Director at Innovate UK, says new digital manufacturing technologies can help meet the productivity challenge and deliver higher quality, energy-efficient buildings at the same time.

15 April 2019

Accelerator seeking new applicants in transport innovation arena

The ‘Intelligent Mobility Accelerator’ for Start-up’s with innovative solutions to improve the UK transport system, is now taking applications for its next group of businesses.

12 April 2019

Local plans... Where do they hide them? And why?

The local plan (or local development framework, or the plan, or the local spatial development plan to give it some of its other many other historical, informal and equally confusing names) is one of the most important documents wherever you live. It is quite likely to have a role in deciding whether your local pub stays open, how long it will take you to get to work, what kinds of jobs might be available for your children and many more important and engaging issues for the public. It is a vision for a place.

08 April 2019

Blog - Welcoming innovation in housing: If not now, when?

We are living in an era where demand for housing is more diversified than ever. In response to this, innovation is burgeoning across a range of areas to help improve the way we build, live, invest, and sustain. However, the traditional housing sector as a whole is slow in responding to or adopting new ideas and innovation. Connected Places Catapult’s City Planning Researcher, Bin Guan, asks how the sector can embrace this coming disruption?

08 April 2019

Connected Places Catapult set to accelerate smarter living and travelling

Connected Places Catapult officially launches as the newly combined Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapult.

01 April 2019