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The Net Zero Neighbourhood

DATE : 19 January 2021
START TIME : 11:00 am END TIME : 12:00 pm

We are delighted once again to be teaming up with Solace for the next installment in our online programme.

In our first webinar with Solace we discussed Restarting smarter: What will it take to deliver widespread, environmentally-friendly post-pandemic recovery?


In the second episode of our series we will be looking at the Net Zero Neighbourhood – ‘An opportunity for delivering a green economic recovery’. The expert panel will look to take the original concepts from the Paris 15 minute neighbourhood and explore how these principles are being deployed in UK towns and cities to help drive economic recovery and the Net Zero agenda.

Watch the recording of the webinar here


Meet the panel:

Professor Carlos Moreno
Scientific Director of the Chair eTi (Entrepreneurship – Territory – Innovation) Panthéon Sorbonne University – IAE Paris

Researcher of international renown, Carlos Moreno is Associate Professor at the Paris IAE – Panthéon Sorbonne University in France, and also co-founder and scientific director of the ETI Chair « Entrepreneurship – Territory – Innovation ». He is specialized in the study of complex systems and in the development of innovation processes.
He earned recognition as a scientist with an innovative mind, pioneer works and his unique approach on urban issues. He is renowned for his “Smart City” concept, and well-known as successful entrepreneur thanks to an innovative start-up. He is now renowned as a scientific advisor of national and international figures of the highest level, including the Mayor of Paris, Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, in quality of “Smart City” special Envoy of the Mayor. Carlos Moreno is one of the visionaries who brings a new perspective on issues. He works at the heart of issues of international significance as a result of his research, including the following concepts: the “Digital and Sustainable City” in 2006 (before the appearance of the Smart City concept in 2010), overtaken by the “Human Smart City” launched in 2012, the “Living City” in 2014, as well as the “City of 15mn” followed by the “Territory of 30mn” launched in 2016. The two most recent concepts involve a new urban and territorial approach on the chrono urbanism, the chronotopy and the topophilia.

Carlos Moreno’s contributions are internationally valued for their originality and incorporated in multiple projects of local governance and urban transformations in France and worldwide. He is also at the initiative and committed to multiple projects involving experts from all over the world, allowing him to put his concepts to the test of real implementation. His activities benefit from the contribution of an extensive national and international ecosystem. His works aim at promoting the transformation of our lifestyles and urban spaces, and to offer solutions to the issues faced by the cities, metropolises and territories during the XXIst century.
Carlos Moreno was awarded Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor in 2010 by the French Republic. In 2019 he received the Foresight Medal by the French Academy of Architecture.



Victoria Lawson
Executive Director for Environment, Culture and Customer Services – London Borough of Hounslow

Victoria has over 15 years’ experience in local government, working for Hounslow for the last 4 years, and currently has responsibility for a range of frontline environmental services, along with customers, libraries, arts and heritage. She is leading the Green Recovery for Hounslow which is focusing on creating low carbon neighbourhoods, low carb on economy, green growth and 21st century mobility.



Julie Alexander
Group Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability – Places for People

Julie recently joined Places for People, one of the largest placemaking organisations in the UK, to bring a new perspective to the housing and construction sector, founded in technological change and innovation in delivery. Joining from Siemens where Julie led the global Smart Cities approach, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge from an industrial background and insights into automation, digitalisation and IoT not previously harnessed by the construction sector. Julie now seeks to bridge the gap between the technology supply chain and housing developers, allowing for a wider understanding and adoption of technological solutions, and to introduce innovative ways of doing business in a sector that is in much need for disruption.

Julie was responsible for developing the Places for People Environmental Sustainability Strategy which includes twelve key objectives include Zero Carbon targets on both new build and existing stock. Julie is now responsible for identifying routes to zero carbon for the Places for People Group.

Part of this role is to incorporate technology into existing assets to optimise their performance, and to significantly improve customer experience. Driving the use of digital twins from design and planning on to asset management, through to identifying smart technology for the elimination of social isolation, illustrates the broad range of opportunities for proptech and placetech, for which Julie has responsibility.

Julie is a member of the Smart London Board and is Chair of the Managing Board of UKCRIC, the UK’s leading infrastructure research community.



Gavin Elliott
Studio Chair – BDP Manchester

Gavin is Chair and Creative Director of multidisciplinary design practice BDP’s Manchester Studio. An architect by profession, Gavin joined BDP in 1988 having completed his studies at Manchester University. Over the years he has designed a series of innovative and award winning schemes across a wide range of sectors including the Abito micro-apartment projects, numerous education projects for both Schools & Universities, as well as major sports projects for Aintree Racecourse and Lancashire Country Cricket Club (The Point), and the BOXPARK Projects in London – constructed out of up-cycled shipping containers. He became Chairman of the Manchester Studio in 2008.

In recent years he has been involved in a series strategic multi-disciplinary initiatives related to the smart cities / future cities agenda, sustainability, and the challenge posed by climate change – becoming Chair of Manchester: A Certain Future Steering Group in 2013 and leading it until he stepped down from the role at the start of 2020.


Speakers & Webinar Agenda


11.00 Introduction and Welcome – Steve Turner, Director, Connected Places Catapult


11.05 Introducing the 15X Minute Neighbourhood’ – Professor Carlos Moreno, Scientific Director of the Chair eTi (Entrepreneurship – Territory – Innovation) Panthéon Sorbonne University – IAE Paris


11.20 Introduction to Panel Members:

Victoria Lawson, Executive Director for Environment, Culture and Customer Services – London Borough of Hounslow

Julie Alexander, Group Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability – Places for People

Gavin Elliott, Studio Chair – BDP Manchester


11.30 Discussion and Q and A


12.00 Close