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Plantech Week 2019

DATE : 17 September 2019
LOCATION : Connected Places, Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0BE

Developed over the last three years by Connected Places Catapult’s Digital Planning team, PlanTech is using existing and emerging technologies to form a 21st Century future-ready planning system. The event takes place over three days from 17-19 September


Providing a 360-degree view of digital transformation in the built environment, for the first time ever PlanTech will explore and showcase innovations in land use and transport planning as the Connected Places Catapult begins to bring together these disciplines.

Having nurtured an entire system of digital planning and built environment services from just a small handful of prototypes, the PlanTech community is now accelerating productivity and rapidly growing the market. We look forward to welcoming you all to PlanTech 2019, where we’ll be sharing the most exciting thinking and innovations happening in PlanTech right now.

Be sure to attend if you’d like to discover:

  • How public digital infrastructure of planning is changing
  • How planning application submissions are likely to evolve in the very near future
  • How a digital planning system is changing business
  • Global perspectives on PlanTech from New York, New Zealand, Helsinki, Singapore, Barcelona and more…

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