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Kenyan Challenges and Partnership Building Webinar

DATE : 16 July 2020
LOCATION : Webinar
START TIME : 10:00 am END TIME : 12:30 am

The Urban Links Africa team is inviting UK SMEs to form Equitable Partnerships with Kenyan organisations to develop a collaborative solution to one of these city challenges.

Are you interested in solving some key urban challenges in Mombasa, Nairobi or Kisumu?

▲ Stormwater Drainage and Urban Flooding

▲ Solid Waste Management

▲ Traffic Management and Active Mobility

▲ Wastewater Management

By joining this webinar, you will hear from one of our local Challenge Ambassadors who will provide indepth information around each challenge.

We will also be running sessions to help you find a partner to apply for the Open Call.

If you already have a partner, we will provide top tips on how to collaborate remotely to produce your best application.