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Innovating for Clean Air – Open call briefing event

DATE : 04 December 2019
LOCATION : Connected Places Catapult, Urban Innovation Centre, ONe Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0BE
START TIME : 8:30 am END TIME : 11:00 am

The IfCA programme is a two-year UK-India joint initiative to support UK and Indian innovators in the city of Bengaluru in a way that promotes best practice innovation and technology exchange, improves the local business ecosystem, and creates a sustainable platform for ongoing UK-India government and industry cooperation.

The IfCA programme, run by Energy Systems, Connected Places and Satellite Applications Catapult and comprises of two workstreams:

  • The Air Quality Innovation stream. Looking to support promising innovations which have the potential to improve air quality and tackle pollution at source. We are particularly interested in exploring innovative ways to measure and visualise air pollution, solutions promoting active mobility (walking and cycling), smart waste management, clean cooking and heating, and ways to promote and empower behaviour change.
  • The Electric Vehicle Innovation stream. Looking to support the uptake and integration of electric vehicles in Bengaluru and India as a whole. We are particularly interested in solutions related to charging infrastructure, grid management, renewable energy integration and electric vehicles.

The open call:

The Catapults would like to invite UK SMEs developing clean air innovations and EV integration solutions and to apply for an exciting opportunity to deploy their products and services in a real-life urban testbed in Bengaluru, India.

Through the Innovating for Clean Air open call, the Catapults aim to identify innovators and connect successful candidates to our network of industry partners to facilitate access to the Indian market and create tangible collaboration opportunities between UK and Indian businesses. In addition, the Catapults will support a number of selected candidates to deploy their solutions in real-life conditions, understand their impact, and interact with local stakeholders to further develop their products and services.

The application process for the open call will open on Monday, November 18th and close on Sunday, January 5th, 2020. For further information, please follow Energy Systems and Connected Places Catapults’ websites.

Open call briefing agenda:

08:30 Registration

09:00 Welcome & introduction to the Innovating for Clean Air Program

09:30 The competition – context, aims and scope

10:00 Q&A

10:30 Networking


This event is free to attend, if you are interested in taking part please secure your place by registering. Breakfast will be provided.