Decision Making & Institutions

The decision making and institutions domain covers those processes and structures which determine how decisions are made by place leaders and their partners, from the strategic to the tactical, and the institutional capabilities which enable effective place leadership. 

Technology and data can enhance both the process of decision making and organisational capability to make decisions, by giving decision makers access to more robust information. In an increasingly connected and complex world, such place leadership decisions need to be taken with an eye to ‘whole systems’ impact, where decisions are grounded in information and data that connects infrastructure assets and services as well as the organisations responsible for them. 

For that reason, we are working to accelerate the integrated application of advanced data analysis and modelling, sensing, machine learning algorithms and visualisation technologies, which combined will deliver better decision support solutions for place leaders and asset owners. 

We also work closely with decision makers themselves in both public and private sectors to ensure that they are able to make informed decisions about the procurement and integration of new and emerging technologies. 

To scale success for our Decision Making & Institutions projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Decision Making & Institutions network includes:

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