Data-led Innovation Cities


In the Global Business Growth team, we know how important it is for solutions to address the local context and challenge. We have developed a unique tool – The City Typologies – that we use to bring the right businesses together with the right places to spark data-led innovation.  

What does the City Typologies offer?  

The City Typologies tool gives a nuanced understanding of what cities look like on their innovation journey. It does this by scanning up to 500 cities, Amsterdam to Abuja, Belfast to Baku, and is designed to home in on the physical characteristics that these places possess, their ability to grow and scale businesses, and the strategic impetus they have to adopt and embrace innovation  

The platform looks at factors that inform how an organisation might enter a market. What sort of transport innovations are logical? Is a solution, not only commercial, but strategically important for that city to grow and compete? 

Designed as a tool that continually updates, it is responsive to demands as the UK and global context changes, as new kinds of innovation emerge, and as the capacity that cities and states have for innovation evolve.  

Case Study:  Sharjah, UAE Innovation Location

See how we used this tool to work with the Emirate of Sharjah.  

If you want to find out more about working with our City Typology tool, then get in touch: 

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