Critical Infrastructure

Critical National infrastructure (CNI) refers to the underlying assets and services which support other layers within a placemaking context. These include water, waste, power utilities and digital connectivity.  

Connected Places Catapult focuses on a subset of the 13 key areas of critical infrastructure as defined by the UK government – our key areas cover communications, energy, central and local government services, health, transport and water. 

More detailed areas include some of the following:

  • Digital resilience/Cyber security 
  • Healthcare analytics (i.e. diagnoses) 
  • Telecoms coverage 
  • Transit-orientated development 
  • Waste – to energy 
  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Housing planning 
  • Smart grids 
  • Water pressure & leak detection 
  • Data and Data infrastructure 
  • Drones 
  • Airports 

Stakeholders in this area include local authority planners; transport authorities, utilities providers; utilities regulators (such as OfGem, OfWat, OfComm), BEIS and asset owners and operators.  

CPC focuses on two key areas of support: 

  • the protection of CNI, ensuring continuation of service delivery and  
  • stimulating innovation in these areas both in the UK and internationally 

We support research, and engagement between wider HMG, the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC), UK local authorities, industry and academia to ensure the resilience of UK smart infrastructure specifically in relation to citizen privacy, and the protection of UK critical national infrastructure (CNI). 

We work with all stakeholders to overcome market barriers in this space and so will look to boost demand for innovative services at scale and unlock wider economic and environmental benefits.  We aim to increase the supply of proven products and services that meet market demand by helping commercialise innovation through demonstration, testing development of standards and market exposure. This will result in increased efficiency, resilience and connectivity of places and an active contribution to Net Zero economy. 

Areas we can provide help on are:

  • Stakeholder mapping 
  • Building the stakeholder community 
  • Research and insights 
  • Demonstrators 
  • SME engagement and accelerators 
  • Critical infrastructure related events and workshops 
  • Cybersecurity and resilience best practice 
  • Standards development and dissemination 
  • Procurement support for innovators in this area 

To scale success for our infrastructure projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Critical Infrastructure network includes:

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