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We work in a wide spectrum of disciplines across smart cities and transport, which accelerate smarter living and travelling in and between the places of tomorrow. Browse our current projects and previous case studies here to see how we are driving innovation in these areas and growing UK businesses.

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Data in the Housing Retrofit Sector
To achieve net-zero by 2050, the UK needs to reduce carbon emissions from the housing stock to zero which requires reducing energy demand to the maximum possible and decarbonising what remains.
Innovating for Clean Air Programme
Despite a temporary COVID-related reduction, cities worldwide are once again struggling with air pollution. The increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) can be part of the solution but rolling out the necessary infrastructure to enable this transition is not simple. Connected Places Catapult, Energy Systems Catapult and Satellite Applications Catapult,...
Digital Twins Hub
At Connected Places Catapult we’re working to explore the concept of digital twins – what digital twins are, how they’re being used, what they should and could be used for, and how they might be used to address challenges in the built environment.