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Innovation and collaboration between the Connected Places Catapult and Department for Transport
The Department for Transport (DfT) is at the centre of a transport revolution, a revolution powered by the global forces of innovation and investment. New technologies and services are changing the way users plan, complete, and pay for journeys. Freight is becoming more streamlined and new modes of transport previously unthinkable, such as drones and connected & automated vehicles already changing markets.

The DoScience team is at the centre of this opportunity driving change across the Department and capitalising on new opportunities for R&D. The UK has a once in a generation opportunity to rethink how our transport systems work.

A 12 year Grant Funding Agreement underpins the success of the strong collaboration between the Connected Places Catapult and DfT. Connected Places Catapult support DfT teams by delivering an annual rolling programme of transport technology research and innovation activities that tasked with helping to make the UK world leaders in mobility. The Connected Places Catapult projects support DfT teams from across the Department and fall within three main areas:

  • Analyse transport technology and markets and convene them to enable engagement with DfT helping decision makers and innovators.
  • Design and propose interventions with meet the needs of innovators and help DfT influence the development of technology to support DfT goals.
  • Help innovators demonstrate technologies to enable markets and help regulators understand their role in the pathway to growth.

In the last financial year 2019/20 the Connected Places Catapult has delivered over 90 projects to support DfT policy teams across the Department from DVLA to Emerging Aviation. Projects on Drones, Low carbon freight and new innovations in modelling have helped DfT to navigate the fast-moving nature of the market and understand how to respond. Each project has been developing in close collaboration with the project sponsors to ensure the deliverables react to emerging stakeholder needs. Only through a close collaborative working relationship can both the Connected Places Catapult and DfT deliver on this missions to make the UK a world leader in mobility.

Through the collaboration Connected Places Catapult also meets its own objectives set by Government. The DfT projects help Connected Places Catapult to support commercialization of supply-side innovation through demonstration, testing, development of standards and supporting market exposure of new innovations. Through the collaboration together, DfT and Connected Places Catapult will continue to:

CONNECT the market, leveraging Connected Places Catapult’s deep integration with the wider innovation ecosystem, coordinated around DfT challenges;

SPARK new possibilities, by generating rich market intelligence; provoking new ideas through creative collaborations; and, supporting businesses to develop new concepts, prototypes, products and services.

ACCELERATE first in class deployment, stimulating new market demand and creating, leading and facilitating demonstrators, trials, testbeds and other novel methods for accelerating innovation.