Business Triage Clinics

What is it?

We offer a free consultation with our panel of impartial business specialists and market experts, who will help you identify, understand and overcome challenges in our neutral Business Triage Clinics.

What’s in it for you?

For young businesses looking to take innovations to market for the first time, having access to experienced industry professionals can be essential to help avoid pitfalls and navigate complex markets. However, approaching larger companies for advice as a SME can be intimidating and bring with it risks around sharing IP.

Larger organisations often benefit from a board of industry experts who help keep the business on track, so our Business Triage Clinics offer you the chance to meet our “friendly” advisory board in a one-to-on. They’ll ask the difficult questions and help diagnose problems with your business and offer advice for how you should proceed in the future.

What to expect

Our Business Triage sessions take place monthly with a limited number of slots available to be booked by SMEs on the day. Experts from NPS, Barclays, RSM and Tollers LLP currently sit on our advisory board.

You’ll be offered the chance to brief the board on your innovation and current business goals before entering into a full discussion with our experts aimed at diagnosing problems with your business and providing actionable suggestions.

Why work with the CPC

Our Business Triage Clinics are specifically designed to be a safe, neutral space to meet with experts from large organisations with no ulterior motive other than to support your business.

As a neutral organisation tasked by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Innovate UK with growing UK Plc, you can trust us to support your business goals and protect your IP.

How to get involved

Your first step is to register your business with us. We ask for some basic information about your company and nature of your innovation to help us ascertain whether we are capable of supporting you and to help us keep you informed about relevant opportunities and activities.

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