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Businesses, large and small, bring a wealth of innovation to the connected places, built environment and mobility markets. When teamed with larger corporates they spark and accelerate much needed innovation. That’s what Connected Places Catapult Business Innovation Programmes are about.

We know how hard it is for stratups, scaleups and SMEs to make the right connections, and sometimes it’s not easy for large corporates to access an agile ecosystem. That’s where we can help – our Business Innovation Programmes enable businesses to connect to our broad corporate, public, academic and infrastructure providers network.

Within our Business Innovation Programmes, we have a network of partners in transport, urban development, and infrastructure. Through these, we provide access to physical testbeds throughout the UK. We have a dedicated SME team to help drive enterprise growth. We also run intensive accelerator programmes to drive you to your next growth level, as well as network our corporate partners into the process to give them access to cutting edge technologies.   

SME COVID-19 support hub

We know this must be a difficult time for small businesses, so here is a list of the best resources that ourselves, UK government and other institutions are providing to help support innovators.

Scroll down to explore services, opportunities, events and thought leadership articles for startups, scaleups, SMEs and larger companies:

Opportunities for businesses (for active opportunities please click here):

    SME’s bring a wealth of innovation to the connected places market

    Events for businesses – register to attend future events and watch past events & webinars video recordings:

    SME Networking

    Networking is an important aspect of growing any small business. We use our extensive knowledge of the transport and urban innovations sectors to help SMEs meet the right people at the right time.  This can help your business access funding, support, collaborations and advice to help you reach your goals.

      Projects for businesses:

        We have a dedicated SME team to help drive your growth.

        News for businesses:

          If you have a great idea, innovative product or service which you believe could improve the way people connect and travel, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are a startup, scaleup, a small or medium sized enterprise or an established company, through collaboration the Connected Places Catapult could help your business grow by catapulting your innovation from proof of concept to commercial reality.

          For us to be able to assess how best we can help you, please complete the form below. We review new registrations on a case by case basis against several factors, including alignment with the UK’s Industrial Strategy and the Catapult’s current key initiative areas. We also will assess the market potential of your innovation and the stage of its development (TRL).

          To gain access to our Business Programme, please register using the form below. Once registered, we will assess your business from the perspective of market readiness, looking at the team, the technology and the market/strategic fit. We do this to ensure that the businesses we work with can deliver products and services into connected places and drive growth. This is vital to help the market engage effectively with the SME innovators and, hopefully, lead to commercial contracts and investment.

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