Business Needs Analysis

What is it?

SMEs who register their business with us and are confirmed as aligned to our strategic objectives are offered a chance to undertake a business needs analysis with our expert team. This process will help the us identify areas where you need the most support, as well as services we can offer which can help you meet your goals.

What’s in it for you?

This process is the first step we take to help promising businesses reach their full potential.

There are many innovators and small businesses with great ideas. However, understanding how to present that idea to the right audiences, put business processes in place and work with other organisations to progress solutions are just some of the areas that are also important to future success.

Our Business Needs Analysis can help you find the gaps in your business and helps us to understand the best support we can offer to your team.

What to expect

The Business Needs Analysis takes the form of a one-on-one deep dive into your business with one of our SME experts. We’ll also have a follow up assessment in 6 months to ensure the activities we suggest are still relevant.

Why work with the CPC

Our experienced team of experts has worked with hundreds of SMEs in the transport and urban innovation sectors to grow their businesses and help them take their innovations from ideas to commercial success. We also have a team of in-house technical experts who can help progress your solution and an extensive network of business, academic and governmental contacts.

As a neutral organisation tasked by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Innovate UK with growing UK Plc, you can trust us to support your business goals and protect your IP.

How to get involved

Your first step is to register your business with us. We ask for some basic information about your company and nature of your innovation to help us ascertain whether we are capable of supporting you and to work out the best people for you to talk to at the CPC.

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