Department for Transport Programme

We are now experiencing a UK transport revolution, a revolution powered by the global forces of innovation and investment. Collaboration between the Connected Places Catapult and Department for Transport drives innovation forward.

Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme

The Pathfinder Programme is part of a wider programme of work, both government led and across the UK’s public and private sectors. The programme is aimed at enabling integration of drones into UK airspace.

Future of Housing Programme

Digitisation and innovation are driving the evolution of our world like never before and the time has come to apply this ever-increasing capacity for improving UK housing and bringing meaningful change.

Challenging Procurement Programme

Connected Places Catapult is engaged with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement ecosystem to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement, share pioneering practice, set out new pathways and outline best practice for the procurement of new and innovative solutions by the public sector.

Find out more about Connected Places business and research programmes, projects and opportunities for businesses, public bodies and academic institutions:

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