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Our New Magazine – Connected Places
How is digital twin technology changing how we think about everything from cities to railway stations? How will the third age of flight change our skies and the airports of the future? And how are UK cities thinking out of the box to fund net zero investment?
Transforming the Solent Maritime region with innovation
The Solent Maritime region has a £5.8 billion maritime economy and a workforce of 152,000 strong, but is the potential of this vibrant, influential hub being maximised? To unlock the region’s future on the world stage, innovation has a central role to play.
Green ports as energy hubs
In a world of climate change and the ‘green agenda’, the focus has been primarily on air, rail, and road transportation in regard to emissions.
Clean Maritime Day at COP26
Shipping is how we get most of the goods that we buy and rely on to enhance our lives. But shipping also produces a lot of carbon, and governments, ship owners, and shipbuilders have sort ways to reduce maritime dependence on fossil fuels and move to cleaner types of fuel or energy.
How 5G is transforming the logistics sector
The last 18 months has seen the need for digital connectivity at a personal level accelerate significantly. Andy Collins, Business Development Associate, Business and Civic Engagement at the University of Bristol reflects.
A bright future for the UK’s Freeports
As announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak in the 2021 budget, the UK will soon have eight new Freeports. But the Government specification for Freeports includes requirements to work as an Innovation Hub for regional growth and support the transition to Net-Zero.