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Our New Magazine – Connected Places
How is digital twin technology changing how we think about everything from cities to railway stations? How will the third age of flight change our skies and the airports of the future? And how are UK cities thinking out of the box to fund net zero investment?
Opening the Innovation Economy: The case for inclusive innovation in the UK
New research explores how places can help spread prosperity by making the innovation economy more inclusive.
The tech leaders shaping the future of airspace
The time is ripe for the aerospace and technology sectors to collaborate towards a more integrated approach to alternative transportation and fuel options. And it’s an ideal opportunity to position the UK as a world leader in new aviation technology.
Creating Homes and Places for An Ageing Population
By 2050, the over-sixty-fives will account for a quarter of the population. Yet, as our population changes, our housing stock stays the same.
New report charts way forward for healthy ageing
As we age, we are more likely to be faced with age-related conditions such as frailty, dementia or functional loss. Ageing healthily is about prolonging wellbeing.
Healthy ageing and the importance of our homes
With its rapidly ageing population, the failure to provide enough age-friendly homes is fast becoming a further facet to the housing crisis in the UK. To tackle this we need a better understanding of ageing and the challenges it poses to our housing infrastructure.