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Our New Magazine – Connected Places
How is digital twin technology changing how we think about everything from cities to railway stations? How will the third age of flight change our skies and the airports of the future? And how are UK cities thinking out of the box to fund net zero investment?
Innovating for Sustainable Futures – A Playbook for UK and Indian Cities
India is facing the reality of encouraging economic growth and social development whilst moving towards a green economy.
Integrated Planning for Net Zero
What does a cross-sector, place-based approach to Net Zero planning look like? Our report looks at key challenges and sets out a vision for the future of integrated planning.
Clean Maritime Day at COP26
Shipping is how we get most of the goods that we buy and rely on to enhance our lives. But shipping also produces a lot of carbon, and governments, ship owners, and shipbuilders have sort ways to reduce maritime dependence on fossil fuels and move to cleaner types of fuel or energy.
New Commission launched to finance climate investment in UK cities
In July 2021 the new UK Cities Climate Investment Commission began work to identify net zero investment opportunities across UK Cities. The Commission is kick starting the process of identifying a transformational programme of green growth for the UK’s cities.
The future of green finance in the UK built environment sector
Traditional funding sources have proved insufficient to meet our growing housing demand, and the renewal of buildings to meet environmental and efficiency aims.
Toolkit for India’s Electric Vehicle Market
The Indian EV market is estimated to be worth around £5 billion by 2025 and is growing rapidly.
Paving the way to Zero-Emission Transport
Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) were responsible for 16% of UK domestic transport greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, with levels remaining consistent throughout the pandemic.