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Low Carbon for the Rail Freight Estate
Supporting UK industries and the Department for Transport to deliver cleaner, greener future mobility solutions and services is a key part of Connected Places Catapult’s work.
Skybus: The Public Transport Revolution
Skybus is an innovative air mobility concept which could represent a significant advancement for transport in the UK.
Decarbonising Urban Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities for City Region Public Authorities
Transport is the single biggest contributor (by sector) to UK greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 27% of emissions, with 91% of this from road transport*.
Innovating for Sustainable Futures – A Playbook for UK and Indian Cities
India is facing the reality of encouraging economic growth and social development whilst moving towards a green economy.
Opening the Innovation Economy: The case for inclusive innovation in the UK
New research explores how places can help spread prosperity by making the innovation economy more inclusive.
UK-Minas Gerais In The Race To Net Zero
The UK and the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil have a long-lasting relationship, and both parties have a mutual interest in strengthening collaboration in various areas.
Integrated Planning for Net Zero
What does a cross-sector, place-based approach to Net Zero planning look like? Our report looks at key challenges and sets out a vision for the future of integrated planning.
Feasibility of Zero Emissions Airport Operations in England by 2040
The UK Government has set a target for the UK aviation sector to reach net zero by 2050, as part of the government’s wider commitment to reducing UK emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement.