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Working with us

Connection is what drives innovation in placemaking: connected citizens, communities, public and private stakeholders; connected infrastructures and systems; connected data and information; connected languages and standards. By embedding intelligent connection at every level of our social infrastructure we can make places that work holistically for all of us, and the world we live in. The exponential evolution of digital technology is delivering the tools needed to create connected places fit not just for the future wellbeing of people and the environment – but also for innovative infrastructure and entrepreneurial economies.

We are here to drive that innovation and help grow the economy. We do this by collaborating and broker relationships with:

  • Small and large businesses to help them innovate and become market leaders
  • Cities and local governments to clearly define problems, source solutions and build markets
  • Research and academia to create world-class research and networks
  • Local communities and citizen-groups working to better their own places
Working with Businesses

We help UK businesses, small and large, to understand the market and develop products and services that serve the essential needs of connected places. Innovation is not one size fits all, and neither is our approach. How we can work with you depends on who you are and what you do.

We help small businesses develop products and services to solve challenges and become industry leaders. We work selectively across all stages of development from idea and prototype to market-ready offer and international distribution although our focus is on businesses that are near to market, where we can. We help SMEs overcome barriers to market by providing the technical expertise and sector knowledge needed to navigate regulatory and government processes along with access to networks of customers, services and funders.

We help larger organisations understand their current market position and capabilities, establish innovation roadmaps that prioritise products and services relevant now and, in the future and access the right experts and innovators needed to overcome mission-critical challenges. We offer a tailored mixture of services on a short and long-term basis. Our experience tells us that larger organisations have unique needs so get in touch so we can find out more about how we can help.

Working with cities and local government

We help cities and local governments in the UK and globally to clearly define their challenges and find scalable solutions. In an increasingly connected world that puts pressure on finite resources, Connected Places Catapult uses internationally recognised definitions to help authorities and local governments isolate challenges and blockers to prosperity.

By aligning challenges with a set of interoperable and shareable standards, we help places find providers of efficient, standardised solutions to their problems.

Our work helps lay the foundations for stimulating the economy, building resilient place-making infrastructure, and fostering strong governance in order to create a better quality of life for citizens. Places become market-makers, further standardising infrastructural problems and therefore finding scalable solutions for the big issues.

Working with research and academia

Academia delivers innovation, knowledge and thought leadership, but it must evolve its connections with the commercial world even further if it is to have social and economic impact and deliver better outcomes for the UK. By continuing to meet the changing needs of both academia and industry, and partnering with both, our strategic approach is designed to bring cities and transport related innovations to market faster, as well as understand and unlock new opportunities for exploitation.

Through our Academic Engagement Programme, we aspire to increase the likelihood of new ideas and innovations from academia reaching the market as finished products and services, which will maximise the economic impact of research currently being undertaken in the UK.

The Connected Places Catapult is at the global forefront of place-making technology. So we provide expertise in, and access to, complex issues that help research organisations and universities expand their research agenda. Our international industry, government, and academic networks mean we can disseminate research far and wide to move research from theory to implementation.

Working with local communities and citizen-groups

More and more, cities and neighbourhoods around the world change for the better when people with vision, passion and drive come together to create change. Community-based engagement has seen the development of digital platforms for organising everything from park runs to social-care, community-led renewable energy networks, food waste reduction programmes and open source manufacturing workshops.

Technology has catalysed civic engagement and collaboration like never before, helping make our places healthier, more enjoyable and more inclusive. At Connected Places Catapult we believe that technology can help everyone, and that we should be able to share our learnings with places across the UK and even worldwide.

But for it to work, we need you to get involved.

Get in touch

Our Connected Places centre in London focuses on placemaking innovation like Planning, Housing, Breathability and Mobility, whilst our centre in Milton Keynes focuses on innovation in Transport Systems. If you have a project or innovation idea you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch with the relevant centre and we would love to help you develop your idea.