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About our Global Programme

The Connected Places Catapult Global Programme establishes international platforms and partnerships to address barriers in emerging innovation markets around the world to facilitate the entry of UK businesses.

Since 2015, the Connected Places Catapult, the UK’s centre of excellence for urban and mobility innovation, has delivered more than 20 international projects across four continents. We work with places that are striving to integrate innovation for social, digital and physical connectivity. We work with national governments, local governments, academia and business in sectors such as mobility, data, urban planning, economic diversification and more.

We help places around the world to design and develop programmes that grow innovation companies, scale high impact solutions to city challenges, future proof economies and form cross government bilateral business agreements for long term investments.

The Global Programme builds international platforms for UK Businesses because one city does not make a market. We work with global partners to develop projects in cities to tangibly and actionably carry out innovation market analysis. We work with global cities to identify new challenge areas and with UK innovation companies to design and deploy new innovation demonstrators to address those challenges and to then create lasting routes to market.

Our City Typologies, an analysis of nearly 500 cities, forms the foundation of our unique market intelligence in the global space. We examine:

  1. Which global cities are most conducive to UK businesses (i.e., IP law, budget, contracting)
  2. What type of market – Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Government (B2G), or Research & Innovation (R&I)
  3. What sectors (i.e., mobility, housing, data)

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