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About the Academic Engagement Programme

Academia delivers innovation, knowledge and thought leadership, but it must evolve its connections with the commercial world even further if it is to have social and economic impact and deliver better outcomes for the UK. By continuing to meet the changing needs of both academia and industry, and partnering with both, our strategic approach is designed to bring innovations to market faster, as well as understand and unlock new opportunities for exploitation.

We aspire to increase the likelihood of new ideas and innovations from academia reaching the market as finished products and services, which will maximise the economic impact of research currently being undertaken in the UK.

The Connected Places Catapult is at the global forefront of place-making technology. We provide expertise in, and access to, complex issues that help research organisations and universities expand their agenda. Our international industry, government and academic networks mean that we can disseminate research far and wide progressing it from theory to implementation.

Our signature activities include:

Deep Academic Alliances – Deeper strategic relationships developed with key universities based on breadth and depth best fits the Catapult’s strategy.

Research Advisory Panel – The RAP is a unique function of our refreshed academic engagement strategy, and forms a unique forum, meeting two to three times a year, to allow us a sustained discussion on the UK research base, funding priorities and excellence in translation of knowledge into the connected places business community.

Business Fellows Network – The BFN is a network of knowledge exchange experts working for with the Catapult on behalf of their university to bring research outputs closer to commercialisation. This will enable academics to increase their industry engagement, entrepreneurship and research.

Researchers in Residence – Researcher in Residence develops new collaborations through research visits/residencies for university academics to spend time embedded within the Catapult teams to build stronger partnerships in the national innovation system and supporting the best environment for innovation.

Capability Map – The map contains data about universities research, assets and current projects to help our industry partners discover what resources are available within our world leading universities.

Academic Network to Connect Places – Our Academic Network is our primary method of communicating with our academic stakeholders and researchers to tell them about our latest news events and opportunities

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