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The Government has published information on the actions businesses need to take to prepare for post EU transition.

From 1 January 2021, there will be a series of guaranteed changes for businesses. Many of these changes will be required regardless of the agreement the UK reaches with the EU on its future trade relationship, as the UK will be leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

The guidance issued by the Government (attached) covers the following areas in order:

• Importing and exporting
• Selling goods
• Trading with the EU
• Chemicals regulation
• Animal, Plant, Food and Drink regulation
• Northern Ireland Protocol
• Data
• Workforce
• Timber regulations
• Intellectual property
• Energy
• Access to research and development funding
• Providing services
• Waste regulation.

There may be more actions that are relevant to your business. You should visit the Government transition web pages ( and use the checker tool to find out if your business needs to take any further actions.

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