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How can we increase transport capacity after the COVID-19 lockdown?

The nation is currently facing a unique and monumental challenge. As regions move in and out of local lockdowns, there is a critical need to create the conditions for economic resilience and recovery. 

But how can we increase transport capacity post lockdown?

Transport, public or otherwise, is one of the most important aspects of getting the country up and running again. If we can safely and effectively move sufficient people and goods around the system, that is a huge step closer to returning to some level of normality in the longer term.

To inform what can be done in different parts of the country, we have conducted a high-level review of current plans and interventions in other countries that have been severely hit by COVID-19.

In this report we analyse the different interventions that transport authorities could take and the barriers to implementation of each. We also observe what other countries have done to tackle this unfamiliar yet common challenge and look at some of the lessons learnt.

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