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Coronavirus, Connected Places and Innovation Report: Three Post-Pandemic Horizons for Action

By Richard Miller, Associate Director, Connected Places Catapult


The coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 have turned our world upside down. The pandemic has been a profound shock to society at a global, national and local level.


In this report we take a look at the future actions and opportunities for innovators across 3 post-pandemic horizons: the immediate response, restarting the economy and the long-term economic recovery.

While the effect of the pandemic has been dramatic, we are learning valuable lessons, discovering new opportunities and asking ourselves an important question: how we can build back better? Within the report, we are exploring possible future actions across three post-pandemic horizons:

  • Horizon 1 – The immediate emergency response to the pandemic.

  • Horizon 2 – The early steps in restarting the economy. What happens in the gapbetween tight lockdown and having a long-term solution? As we try to get the economy and society working again, what we need to do?

  • Horizon 3 – What are the long-term opportunities for the economic recovery? What must we change to conquer coronavirus or adapt to it?



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