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Multi-Car Collision Avoidance Report

In early 2020, a consortium of experts from across industry and academia came together to realise their vision of vehicles communicating and working together to avoid collisions. The success of this Multi-Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) project demonstrated the feasibility of a cutting-edge active safety system that would help prevent multi-car collisions on motorways.

As well as being much more likely to result in a fatality, accidents that involve multiple vehicles – especially those that occur on motorways – also cause significant disruption to the road network.

When things go wrong on a motorway, the traffic density in adjacent lanes, coupled with limited time for other drivers to react, makes it a particularly challenging environment in which to mitigate risk – and in which risk can escalate dangerously quickly dependant on the severity of the incident.

The project, funded by Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), and delivered by a consortium led by Applus IDIADA with Cranfield UniversityWestfield Sports CarsCosworthSBD Automotive and Connected Places Catapult, has seen MuCCA equipped vehicles successfully complete replicas of real-life UK motorway scenarios on test tracks.

CPC along with colleagues from across the consortium have put together this report to collect the findings from the project.


Read it here

You can also view the final demonstration video here. For more information on the project visit the MuCCA website.

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