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Connected Places Catapult in Parliamentary Review 2020 best practice edition

Connected Places Catapult features in this year’s Parliamentary Review as the publication’s ‘Best Practice Sponsor 2020’.

In the article, our CEO, Nicola Yates OBE, highlights the fact that both government and business are aligned in there thinking that the link between productivity and place right now. Nicola suggests that it will be innovative technologies that unlock the potential of these places across the UK; the country’s towns and cities

Later in the piece, Nicola goes into more depth about how Connected Places Catapult is operating at the intersection between public and private sectors as well as researchers and regulators. It’s from this unique vantage point that we are able to drive the commercialisation of research and stimulate the demand for innovation.

Introducing our best practice article, Rt Hon The Lord David Blunkett and Rt Hon The Lord Eric Pickles emphasis the importance of being able to listen and learn from one another. “But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones,” the said.

Aligning with innovation

The Parliamentary Review showcases the best of business, journalism and politics. Its annual spring release is an eagerly anticipated exercise when it comes to demonstrating platforms of success and innovation across British industry. We’re thrilled to have taken the opportunity to align ourselves alongside the best and brightest business leaders, educators and healthcare professionals to speak directly to their peers and policymakers in Parliament.

The co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review, Lord Pickles, has praised the upcoming Review as one of the most comprehensive yet. He commented that as Britain undergoes changes, it is “essential that politicians have a firm understanding of the challenges with which British organisations must contend” and that The Review once again provides a perfect platform for this.

Read Nicola’s article in the 2020 edition of The Parliamentary Review by clicking below.


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