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Intelligent Mobility Accelerator alumnus DriverNet launches emergency food parcel delivery app

DriverNet, an alumnus of our Intelligent Mobility Accelerator, has launched a new app in partnership with Age UK and St Helen’s Community Transport, coordinating the deliveries of emergency food parcels to the vulnerable and over 70s across the St. Helen’s borough of Liverpool.

DriverNet‘s SMS messaging service alerts vulnerable people, their friends and or families, ahead of every delivery or visit, safeguarding them and providing peace of mind at times when criminals are already praying on these groups, taking their money for shopping, errands, and then not returning.

DriverNet is also scheduled to be used by volunteers performing wellbeing checks as a mobile triage service. The team behind the app will gather key data on people’s mental health, wellbeing and food requirements and share it directly with local authorities, charities and the NHS to provide more informed response and services.

Alex Weedon, SME Director at Connected Places Catapult said: “Anthony Chisnall [co-founder and CEO] and his team at DriverNet have developed a great product that has the potential to digitally transform transport and mobile workforce operations, that will improve the efficiency, experience and service levels and it’s fantastic to see this application being used to help the members of the community most in need of support when they need it.”

If you know of any organisations or charities who need these services or want access to fully sanitised delivery or passenger vehicles in the Warrington/St Helen’s area, please contact Anthony Chisnall via email on

The Intelligent Mobility Accelerator, run in partnership with Wayra UK, part of Telefonica Open Future and supported by Hyundai and Ferrovial Services, is now accepting applications for its next group of business, for more information, and to register, click here.


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