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International Smart Cities Standards Conference to bring together two leading standards committees for the first time.

Two key international smart city standards committees will convene for the first time ever when Connected Places Catapult hosts the International Smart Cities Standards Conference on 17 July 2019.

IEC Systems Committee on Smart Cities and the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee for ICT will come together during the one-day event with the aim of building a collaborative approach to the development of smart city standards.

On top of this, the conference will provide guests with the opportunity to meet standards experts from around the world while city and industry standard-makers will be able to connect better enable collaboration in the development of standards. Delegates will learn about these developments and will be able to ask the experts creating them questions about the process.

Approximately 45 international standards experts from around the world will participate as well as cities, industry, and inspiring speakers from across the smart cities industry.

The International Smart Cities Standards Conference will disseminate some of the latest smart city best practice currently being produced by the international standards community. As well as feed into some of the latest best practice being developed by the international smart city standards community. There will be presentations and discussion topics with themes such as city digital twins and smart city indicators.

Why collaborate on international smart cities standards?

Bringing the IEC Systems Committee on Smart Cities and the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee for ICT together represents a significant step in the right direction for the development of smart cities standards. Based on the latest research carried out by the Connected Places Catapult and Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC), we found that cities and industry often find it hard to access and understand smart city standards.

While standards serve many different purposes, such as ensuring functionality and reliability in the products and services we use every day, the work that goes into developing a standard is often overlooked. Developing a standard is not easy. The standards community puts every effort into promoting a transparent, collective and fair standards development process from draft to publication. However, it is a concern that it is not always possible for people to easily contribute to new standards that are in development.

A standard should be developed through a process that is open to all industry experts, even those not directly involved in the process itself. This is to ensure that the standards activities are not dominated by any particular group. Anybody interested in participating should be informed about the progress of the standard and have the opportunity to contribute to all relevant stages of the development process.

The City Standards Network has organised this conference in collaboration with the IEC and it will be delivered as one of the objectives of the Network, which was launched last year. This is in contribution to better connect cities and standards makers to ensure standards better meet the needs of cities.

To find out more about the International Smart Cities Standards Conference, and to claim your ticket (spaces are extremely limited so book now to avoid disappointment) visit the ISCSC event page.

For those unable to be here in the day but who still want to take part in the conference, you can participate by following the below links and using the hashtag #ISCSC19 on Twitter:

Morning Session (09:30 – 11:30):
Afternoon session (14:00 – 15:10):


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