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Connected Places Catapult Supporting Places in Advanced Connectivity with the 5G Action Learning Network

The 5G Action Learning Network (5G ALN) is supporting places to roll out 5G. This is an initiative to enhance capability and fluency in establishing 5G networks; supporting  local government to navigate their ambitions, national and local planning processes, procurement, private sector partnering and public engagement. This programme is designed to enhance the ability of councils to deliver 5G rollout plans in-house and with confidence.


Members will get to full readiness to engage the market by March 2020. Participating members will have all the necessary information, tools and templates to engage the market for funding and delivery of connectivity across fibre, 4G, WiFi and IoT networks, in readiness for evolution to 5G. Local communities and local authority officers will be engaged, collectively fostering a greater understanding and commitment to opportunities enabled by advanced connectivity and digital infrastructure.


The Network:

  1.     Supports the rollout of digital infrastructure, which underpins all digital transformation, smart city or connected city plans.
  2.     Complements wider programmes by demonstrating to partners and funders that action is happening, and fast.
  3.     Helps to embed knowledge and know-how in a de-risked but still live environment for Council resources, ie, upskilling and sharing knowledge with internal resource which will have benefits to delivering the wider vision.


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Connected Places Catapult is launching the 5G Action Learning Network on 9th and 10th July.

If you would like to discuss the 5G Action Learning Network in more detail please do not hesitate to contact Becki Clark or Dejan Bojic.


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